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Land In Common was born, in collaboration with the JED Collective, from an effort to protect the Berry Pond watershed and Clark Mountain in Greene, Maine. In the years following our successful purchase of 30 acres (see more below), Land In Common has been carefully building the organizational infrastructure and capacity we need to expand our scope far beyond Clark Mountain.

This foundational work continues, and in the past year we have begun opening conversations with a wider community of people about new projects. We have already been approached by a number of individuals and communities with an interest in collaboration and land transfer. This interest in the CLT demonstrates the real demand for such an organization.

We welcome your support and participation to help us do this work!


Clark Mountain Conservation Project

In 2008, Land In Common (as Clark Mountain Community Land Trust) purchased 30 acres on Clark Mountain in Greene, Maine. This land is home to the JED Cooperative, a 15-year old cooperative homestead, which owns the buildings on the land and holds a long-term Ground Lease with Land In Common. This land purchase was enabled by community financing-- 16 grassroots low-interest (or, in some cases, no interest) loans from supportive community members totalling more than $80,000. An additional $20,000 came from donations, and the remaining balance was financed through a mortage to the land's original owner, Jim Nesbitt.

Four years later, Jim Nesbitt decided to donate an additional 139 acres on Clark Mountain to Land In Common. This gift transfer has now been completed and our organization's land in Greene comprises nearly 170 acres of forest and fields, including most of the eastern shoreline of Berry Pond.

Land In Common is pursuing an ongoing conversation with Mr. Nesbitt and Clark Mountain Sanctuary, a neighboring conservation organization, regarding the long-term protection of an additional 200 acres adjacent to our current land. This project, in all, would protect the entire watershed of Berry Pond (a 30 acre glacial pond with a nearly undeveloped shoreline) and the highest point in the town of Greene, Clark Mountain (a whopping 208 feet!).


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