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About Land In Common

Our Work

Land In Common (formerly Clark Mountain Community Land Trust) is dedicated to fostering social, ecological and economic responsibility in Maine and beyond. Our vision is to support a growing community of people who value cooperation rather than competition, mutual care and solidarity instead of isolation and alienation, and ecological responsibility in place of ecological devastation. As a democratically-run community land trust (CLT) organization, we aim to foster these values by placing land and resources directly into the hands of our membership community.

Out of our membership community come projects and initiatives that not only explore and develop upon these core values of cooperation, mutual aid and ecological responsibility, but also enact them in myriad ways.  Land In Common is organized as a growing community of people, all of whom share these values and provide support to one another so that we may reach our common goals... together.

A Land Base for Movement Building, Cooperative Economics and Ecological Respect

A primary goal of Land In Common is to own land and housing as a community. Through this model of collective ownership, our organization aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide collectively owned land and affordable housing for people and projects working toward social, economic, and ecological justice.  As the land base grows, so does the global movement for transformational change and healing. Each new project supported by the Land In Common community acts to deepen, strengthen and grow a new kind of cultural identity for all of us; An identity that is rooted in place, care-based relationships (both human and more-than-human), economic solidarity, social liberation, and ecological respect. When such necessities as land and housing are in the hands of a dedicated community of people who share ethics of care and solidarity, the potential for movement building and cultural transformation increases exponentially.
  • To transform the economics of land ownership.  By removing land and buildings from the speculative market we transform the economics of land ownership. One way to think about this is to imagine how land and buildings currently move from one owner to the next. If the land is not inherited, access to money or capital is the mediating factor in land ownership. Those who do not have access to money remain landless renters, often struggling for generations to secure a place of their own. Land In Common is helping to change this paradigm; to reclaim and transform the terms by which people find and achieve land and housing security. For our CLT community, values, instead of economic privilege, become the mediating factor in land ownership.
  • To protect and steward undeveloped wildland, farmland and water from harmful land use practices, development, exploitation and resource extraction.  Whether it be encroaching urban development, corporate water extraction, plantation forestry practices, or industrial agriculture, Land In Common CLT seeks to safeguard Maine's open land and precious waterways from these and other ecologically devastating activities. As a strong and connected community of people who share values of ecological respect and responsibility, we aim to foster a culture of care for the land and water that sustains all life on Earth.  Balancing human activity and ecological health is an on-going challenge, one that requires collective agreements about land use and land protection. Our CLT community is committed to this work and seeks to bring the concept of "the commons" back into conversation so that we can better protect the wild, ecological communities of Maine.

Land in Common is a community upon which we can depend, a foundation upon which we can build a good life and a fertile landscape within which we can grow a wise and resilient culture of people. With great success already behind us, we are well on our way!
Onward, and with hope!

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