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Become a Member

Thank you for your interest in getting more involved in the Clark Mountain Community Land Trust, and welcome!

We assume that you've been in touch with us to share your interests and learn more about what Associate Membership entails. If not, please send us an email before signing up here, so that we can talk further about membership.

As an Associate Member, you are joining a committed community of people who are at the very heart of the CMCLT, making it all happen. Associate Members, along with Resident Members (who live on CMCLT land) make the decisions and animate the working groups of the organization.

We expect Associate Members to do their best to attend and participate in annual General Membership meetings, to come to CMCLT events, and--if you're able--to help make all of these things happen. In return, you get to hang out with delightful people, join in envisioning new and more livable futures for Maine communities, and learn about the work of long-term land care.

Great to have you on board!

Become an Associate Member
We ask our Associate Members to pay an annual sliding-scale membership fee, $5 to $100. Please choose an amount appropriate for your current financial situation.
Skills and Interests

We'd love to know a bit about you, what you're interested in, and what kinds of skills you might like to share with CMCLT and its projects.

Please tell us a little bit about what interests you about our work. What makes you excited to connect?
What kinds of skills do you have that you'd be excited to share with the CMCLT community-- the organization and its associated projects?
Is there anything specifically that you're curious about or are interested in having more information about with regard to CMCLT's work?
Membership Agreement

We ask all members to affirm their commitment to the mission and values of the CMCLT by signing a Membership Agreement.


CMCLT Associate Membership Agreement


As an Associate Member of the Clark Mountain Community Land Trust, I share the values and goals expressed in the organization's statement of purpose and I agree to work in my membership capacity toward supporting and furthering these goals:


  • To hold title to real property, and to the development rights to real property, in order to protect affordable housing, community spaces, agricultural lands, and conservation lands from real estate speculation and unsustainable development.


  • To preserve and protect ecological integrity by fostering spiritual and physical relationships of mutual care, respect and understanding between people, the land, and all species who share it.


  • To develop, support and share models for democratic, cooperative and ecologically sustainable land stewardship, land-based livelihood, economic self-organization and intentional community.


  • To support movements within society compatible with the organization's purposes, and facilitate members awareness and engagement in such movements.


I agree to participate to the best of my ability in the governance of the organization and to ensure that the organization holds true to its purposes, structure and policies.


I agree to uphold my commitments and responsibilities as a Associate Member of the organization, as specified in the organization's Bylaws and Policies.


I agree to contribute towards the long-term sustenance of the organization through my membership dues.


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